Title "The Simple Service Centre" is a growing range of simple online tools that are aimed at smaller businesses.

Title Each services is intended to BE used without the need for any training, just read the "getting started" page and off you go.

Title Whilst there are specialist companies offering much more sophisticated versions of these services sometimes all that is needed is something simple.

Title This site uses "micro charges", such as 3p per transaction, these amounts are allowed to build up and we trust you to make a payment when it is sensible to do so.

Title There are no complicated or time consuming account set up processes to go through you can just sign up and start working.

PTS Image We have decided to close the Simple Service Centre to new users and completely rebuild it.

Although the idea was good, it was based on an a range of assumptions that turned out to be wrong or outdated. The internet is growing and changing and as we have been developing software since long before the internet existed we took desktop/mainframe system concepts and applied them to internet applications.

Over time, faster and faster connection speeds, cheaper and cheaper hand held devices and mobile call/text messaging rates have left us with concepts, architecture and cosmetic designs that are out of date.

Those of you who remember dial up modems will understand how we got here.

As we do not have not a good basis for future expansion we have taken the decision to do a complete re-write.